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Expert Bed Bug Inspection And Treatment In the Bay Area

We solve your bed bug problems quickly & permanently, ensuring the protection of your property, children and pets. 

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Well, getting rid of termites and rats was daunting, to say the least. Expert Exterminators made this process as seamless as possible. They did a great job of doing the extermination and also a great job of following through after the fumigation. Farhad is a great guy to deal with and was very clear on the process and responsibility of all parties concerned. Highly recommended.


Lenore Williams

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Rated 5/5

We Can Eliminate your bed bug problems once and for all

Our fully trained technicians conduct a full inspection of your home to identify infestations and recommend treatments for 100% elimination & prevention

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Pest Control San Jose Ca
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Experienced Bed Bug Extermination

We have seen it all and know the appropriate method to remove any bed bug infestation for good. 

  • Bedbug Inspection
  • Bed Bug Localized Treatment
  • Bed Bug Heat Treatment
  • Bed Bug Fumigation

We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to solve your bed bug problem quickly and efficiently. Our service focuses on treatment and prevention, so keeping you pest free once and for all!

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Rated 5/5


Rated 5/5

Rated 5/5 by customers

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Expert Exterminators Inc a local pest control company provides services throughout the Bay Area.  Our services include pest control, termite inspection, termite treatment, rodent control, and bedbug extermination. Providing both the highest quality and great prices.

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